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Opposing the CIA - and Supporting Bill Gates

Cliff Baxter; captain in the Air Force 1980 to 1985 which were prime years for CIA racketeering in the military. Dead in Sugar Land Texas [coincidentally Tom DeLay's old district] January 2002 at the age of 43. Baxter was in charge of Enron strategic planning, and he probably would have been killed had he threatened to expose CIA involvement in attempting to avert an arrest-trial-prison sequence.

Its possible Ken Lay was trapped in asking his employees to support the stock valuation by the CIA which was coordinating 'short sellers' in a sequence of orchestrated attacks or sell-offs [its also possible Lay did not know the attacks were intended to be fatal but thought they were targeting him and a few others], understanding that may at least initially appear to be an extreme position to someone not previously exposed to other aspects of CIA activity.

It would be interesting to compare Lea Weingarten to Melinda Gates playing the inside CIA game in hierarchy and advancement. How were they positioned for the slots, and is there an element of Mossad support behind Weingarten and Fastow. For that matter, its possible Mossad is similarly behind the Gates issues.

They took down Cliff Baxter the hard way - common problems in CIA affiliation. That they do it is clear; the larger immediate point is that its background or context to the attack on Bill Gates.

We want Bill back.

"My advice [ ] is, 'Look, do everything right away. Beg for forgiveness, but not permission. Just do it.'" [New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, working with Chancellor Joel] Klein, who led the Justice Department's victorious antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft...
Perhaps no change has been as dramatic as the development of the small high schools. Bloomberg and Klein tapped a $100 million donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to rapidly expand the program.
NYC School Takeover Inspires Fenty, but Critics Abound, David Nakamura, Washington Post Oct 16 2006 page A1 continued on page A4.
Here we have involvement of senior government officials AND involvement of the New York Jewish community in a 'cross reference' explaining why Hillary Clinton represents the State of New York in the United States Senate.

Doesn't diminish the possibility of Mossad influence. At an operational level in New York, post-Allard Lowenstein do the Jews even differentiate between the CIA and Mossad?

We want Bill [Gates] back and Hillary [Clinton] out. Read on.

Exhibit A

The Basic Situation
Howard Hughes bagged as an inside job late 1950s and the real
Elvis Presley murdered by bodyguards, possibly brainwashed by the KGB possibly at the behest of the CIA, after a concert in Detroit in the original 9/11 [1970]; understand this if nothing else - CIA GOES BACK TO THE TROUGH.
Not a lot of original thinkers over there.
Porter Goss said they were real lame in actual spying apart from infrastructure and now Goss is gone - he knew the truth and it set him free.
Those are not points diminishing the possibility the real
Bill Gates was grabbed [perhaps Dec. 2 1999] and what we're now suffering through with all this African disease charity crap
as we previously suffered through
'recluse in a Vegas Hotel' and
'fat fighter in a white jumpsuit' doing karate
is the unified effort of some imposter traveling with accused child molester Warren Buffet [John DeCamp, The Lincoln Cover-up].

This definitely has the ring of seamy familiarity; Clinton [Bill] jetting around and riffing over progress made in the fight against the CIA-engineered AIDS virus, which Allard Lowenstein brought to Africa 1979 in the first place, as a side show.

Terrorism Requires Infrastructure
If they did bag Gates, they would have looked to turn people close to him - they probably would not have just grabbed him off the street and made a swap. One obvious guess would be the wife; less certain about partner Paul Allen and replacement
Steve Ballmer but they'd have to be candidates.
HELPFUL if Gates was known to have used a double - that is what took down Hughes and a guess is it figured into the Elvis paradigm.
Regime change would be easier to see if Gates was CIA-fixed from the beginning, which we look at in the context of a reciprocity concept [think Henry Ford and the CIA-driven Ford Foundation which is the antithesis of everything Ford stood for]. IBM let Gates hold the software to their PC models as a proprietary which is what set Gates up in control of the clone market. At the time they controlled something like 85% of the mainframe market - on the other hand, it is possible Gates was dealing with the one idiot over there. End of the day Gates holding that software contributed to the effort bringing Asia forward, and a 'Gates replacement scenario' might support an ongoing effort to turn the world wide web into a CIA-funding mechanism. Following speculation elsewhere Google cooks its numbers, Weeklong Shutdown at Yahoo, TECHNOLOGY BRIEFING, Washington Post, Sept 26 2006, pD5. Yahoo plans to close its U.S. offices during the final week of the year, a cost-cutting measure that would require most of its 10,500 workers to use vacation time to get paid that week...... Yahoo's online advertising growth has been tapering off.....

Other Business Dealings
Bill Gates - or actually the imposter post-coup - is additionally partnered with Washington Redskin owner Dan Snyder in Six Flags Amusement Parks, worrisome to the extent that represents CIA encroachment on 'leisure' and 'life style' in the United States.
That is beyond their already quantifiable involvement in Hollywood, and looks to monopolize a market. Name one thing Dan Rather, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Walt Disney had in common - an 'other than typical' discharge from the United States Marine Corps which at least in that era probably represented a formal relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency [easy for them to arrange, the gesture would be near immediate and have a powerful validating impact].
An excellent circumstantial case can be made on Six Flags, looking at the involvement of Stacy Rosenberg CIA New Orleans in related real estate transactions for example [Captain of the Mardi Gras women's group 'Krewe of Muses' with eight foot high red neon spike pump, negotiating in the takeover of an amusement park by Six Flags][that issue entirely apart from the swath of death and violence along their Mardi Gras parade route actually pre-Katrina].

Another Person Vulnerable
Harder to feel sorry for, given that they're so annoying -
Paris Hilton Oh Sweet Babe increasingly appears to be CIA-orchestrated and may one day find herself in a similarly rude situation. Why did they grab Gates - an initial guess is that they did it in part to control his money and in part to assert dominance over the industry. If Gates was fixed from the start the CIA rationalized their move over the long term by diminishing his contributions, particularly if he got cranky in participating or started to hedge his bets. End of the day, they did it because they could. For whatever reasons they had the imposter -anticipating this they probably brought Gates in on the concept years ago - and once the guy was proximate to Gates the substitution assumed a life of its own. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, has to worry about becoming 'irrelevant in her own CIA-persona' which is both different and the same as Gates in some regards. It isn't clear why they would 'double her' as opposed to simply choosing another ditz blonde for prominence, but if they did the barriers to making the exchange are presumably lower in most respects.

Exhibit B

The pictures here - Exhibit A and Exhibit B - may [MAY - POSSIBLY] reflect an information mechanism in the reciprocity concept. CIA bagged him and they want the Chinese to be able to verify that they in fact did it.
The photographs are undoubtedly pre-12/02/99 [dates written right on them without controversy] floating around the web, and one question is whether or not a good bone guy or structures person could compare them to the new product to see if there is a perfect match. Check on the imposter. One guess is that they match points - 'width between eye centers' for example - and you can't be off by too much without raising eyebrows [figuratively speaking].
Photos from when he was a kid [one profile] might relate to bone mass in the face or something - would they graft with real bone or use a plastic insert [a guess is that they have got a good ceramic which is virtually indistinguishable from bone]. DNA is yesterday's methods in the CIA replacement scenarios - supposedly they have a way to wash it out; solid source reports on a black man 'reborn' as a white man and that was in the 1980s.

Can We Get Bill Back
That is an excellent question, and it more-or-less depends on the energy state.
1.Is he 'what you think of as alive,' perhaps in a drug coma stashed on an island in the Aegean Sea or wherever it is they held Hughes [supposedly on Aristotle Onassis's island] for example. Fancy clinic is Switzerland. That would be simplistic.
2.If they have 'the energy state' stashed in the battery of a 1973 Chrysler Newport we would have to find some better physical vehicle but it might not look like Bill [could you 'suspend' the imposter and reanimate with the real Gates - ask somebody who belongs to Skull & Bones; doing that might be ideal].
3.My understanding of the reciprocity concept 'at the outside' or taking it as far as it goes. It is diminishing to the human race to 'lose' - they generally try to put the energy back into a commensurate situation with some allowance for upward [and I guess downward] mobility. If they already made the energy transfer my guess is they picked a kid in a family that can [and will] support his future drive. If it was immediate in December 1999 the kid is going to be seven years old in December 2006 - this ain't picking the Dali Lama by putting a rattle, a hat, and a pair of shoes in front of an infant but you get the idea and the situation would still be viable. An abruptly very wealthy seven year old.
Allen Dulles still lives, but apparently not as an abstract energy form - I guess it could be as a head in a glass jar, but how he lives is not important to recapturing the energy mass. What they did to Bill isn't clear but we want to know and we want him back; that is even beyond exposing the CIA internet schemes, Asian takeover, economic corruption blah blah blah. We want Bill back!

How To Go About Getting Bill Back
We also lobby for the return of Vietnam-era POWS left alive in Southeast Asia. The grab of Gates in the first place largely unrecognized, the question is whether you want a reverse swap with no profile [which he has undoubtedly already promised them if he's lucid] or a 'recognized return.'
Sorry Bill - we want the recognized return. Wife and imposter have to fall on the swords or be otherwise shamed in public both as a way of diminishing the POW betrayal and as a prevention mechanism in attempting to avert future activity of this kind [beyond 'high profile grabs' in particular the larger issue of 'covert activity eroding the credibility of government' in general]. Believe it - after we fully address the life of Allard Lowenstein and his introduction of AIDS to Africa there isn't going to be much emotion left for the duplicitous abandonment of POWS and billionaires. There may not be exactly jail ahead for the wife and imposter but something has to happen - in turn that's a larger issue of reform at the CIA. Southwest Airlines has been used to attack the entire airline industry, and Kirk Kirkorian emerged from CIA-Mafia Vegas to attack United Auto Workers at GM [and that attack is actually based on what we call 'the CIA gambling franchise' or CIA control of gaming in the United States] - who has done what worse and what is the structure of penalty.

How You Can Help
Something has to happen with Henry Kissinger. We win him over, we move him out of the way - something has to happen there. In turn, that leads into the problem of Allen Dulles at the alien interface. Quite frankly, word on the streets is that Dulles doesn't have as many friends as he thinks he has and that he's overstayed his welcome at the nexus of the interface; the endgame is arguing we can do more together than we are able to do factionalized and certainly more than we will be able to do once the Orwell regime has shut down the mechanisms of liberal-capitalism and self determination. In other words, it is 'everybody against Dulles' and not 'citizens versus the CIA' though that might be how it would be captioned in a court fight. One problem is that Dulles will try to kill Gates and the POWs - he's probably already tried - coming down the homestretch while we struggle to keep the doors open, maintain the lines of communication, and claim our fight is the better fight while his efforts to poison spinach with E. coli and kidnap children [crash airplanes, create earthquakes in Pakistan] are pretty obviously representative of his fundamental duplicity.
The one thing this effort really needs is somebody to work with Henry.

We are right and we should win. Your awareness of these important issues is definitely appreciated - please pass it on. The night is long, but filled with 'unsung heroes.'

Biography of one possible assailant the 'Free Bill Gates' movement is up against.


Joel I. Klein, Chancellor of the New York City school system from no later than August 2002.
Served as Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 10th and Constitution NW, Washington DC, 20530, Room 3109, 202-514-2401, resigning end of September 2000. Mr. Klein was confirmed by the Senate on July 17, 1997 to be the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Antitrust Division. The Antitrust Division was then engaged in a legal proceeding against the Microsoft Corporation. Klein was appointed Acting Assistant Attorney General on October 18, 1996 and previously served as the Antitrust Division's Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General (1995-96).
Before heading up the Antitrust Division Klein was the deputy to Anne Bingaman, (the wife of Sen. Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico ) in that office.

Before his appointment to the Justice Department, Klein worked in the Clinton White House, in the Office of White House Counsel (1993-1995). He succeeded Vince Foster as Deputy Counsel to President Clinton.

Previously, Klein practiced law in Washington, DC, for twenty years. He was a law clerk, first to Chief Judge David Bazelon on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (1973-74), and then to Justice Lewis Powell on the United States Supreme Court. He next worked at a public interest law firm, the Mental Health Law Project (1975-76). For the following five years, he was an associate and partner at Rogovin, Stern & Huge, a litigation boutique (1976-81). In 1981, Mr. Klein joined with two colleagues to start their own law firm, Onek, Klein & Farr. The firm specialized in complex litigation, both trial and appellate. In addition to several major corporate clients, the firm also represented states and cities as well as a number of major professional and trade associations. Mr. Klein's practice focussed heavily on health care and constitutional litigation. He also specialized in appellate advocacy, having briefed and argued numerous cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals. This work covered a wide range of substantive areas including antitrust law, health law, civil rights, statutory interpretation, and constitutional law.

In addition to practicing law, Klein has also served as a visiting and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he taught Civil Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction, and a seminar on complex constitutional litigation.

Klein also has been active in community service. He has participated in the Big Brothers Program, served as Chairman of the Board of the Green Door, a pioneer community-based treatment program for mentally ill residents of the District of Columbia, and as Treasurer of the World Federation for Mental Health, and was a member of a U.S. Department of State Delegation in 1991 to examine issues of psychiatric abuse in the former Soviet Union. He is also active in the American Bar Association and is a member of the American Law Institute.

Klein was born in New York City on October 25, 1946 [and would be somewhat younger than Allard Lowenstein who tortured Dennis Sweeney with a group of New York Jews across the 1970s to be shot if not killed by Sweeney in 1980]. He was graduated from Columbia College (1967) and Harvard Law School (1971), both magna cum laude.

Klein is married to Nicole Seligman, General Counsel to Howard Stringer of Sony Corp. Seligman represented former President Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings in the United States Senate. Klein is rumored to aspire to succeed Mayor Bloomberg, who is term limited and cannot run in the 2009 election.
Mr. Klein was a $1,000.00 contributor to both the Democratic National Committee and Bill Clinton in 1992.


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Interesting ... would love to read more. Thought you had a website but can't seem to find it any longer - did you remove it?

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Blogger Mikey Rivey said...

I just saw this thing on Bill Gates ragging on state budgets in terms of their lack of education funding. Didn't "No Child Left Behind," just cut education funding drastically during the Bush era while defense spending sky rocketed? And now things are continuing in the same direction under Obama's care?

While Bill Gates tears into State level issues, he's just distracting people from the real root of the problem, that we spend all our money on weapons and private defense contracts.

12:44 AM  
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This is actually very rational argument. Very few humans are able to think at this level though and we are, as they say, running out of time. The last "Elvis" concert should have been enough to convince any real fan that the bloated monster pretending to be on drugs (and actually telling the entire story amazingly in "Are You Lonesome") that was 1977.. a year after the "bicentennial"...

The connections between Paul McCartney replacement William Campbell and Apple Records (then Apple Computers) is worth trudging through. I have written a book on it. Any funding p[ossibilities for this kind of unda-gwound research? Please forward to

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Blogger Michael Riley said...

Wow, this country has some nasty problems. The peolpe in power all working together to coverup the real reason Bill was impeached.

Since when does a US president get impeached over a mistress. It doesn't happen.

The whole system is involved in this coverup. It is related to the murder of Vince Foster and Admiral Jeremy Boorda.

Microsoft's greed and a Chinese company's fraudulent selling of non-Microsft DOS represented as Microsoft DOS in the 1990's caused the impeachment.

Microsoft coded Windows 3.1 to trigger the floppy controller defect if a non-Microsoft DOS was on the hard drive of a computer when Windows 3.1 was installed.

The floppy controller defect put a malicious code on formatted floppy disks that, when accessed by another computer, killed that computer after causing it multiple intermittent and constant problems. It eventually overwrote the data on the hard drive on April 10th.

The real reason Bill Clinton was impeached is because he attacked a former US Marine who owned a computer repair business in contra costa California. He attacked this Marine with a satellite based EMP weapon after the marine suffered 4 years of dailey harassment as his customers thought he wrote a computer virus - nightmare.

Please help this former US Marine by buying his book which is titled:
Michael's Virus - The Real Reason for Impeachment. I need your help!!

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